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  • Wiring installation and debugging environment of high power voltage regulator be

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    (a), the installation environment of high power regulator:


    1), ensure that no serious vibration environment;


    2), the regulator should have certain space around, convenient follow-up maintenance, debugging or repair work;


    3), compensated regulator should install insulation in ventilated and dry and does not affect the environment regulator。


    (two), the wiring work power regulator before commissioning:


    1), section regulator input power line shall meet the corresponding value of the capacity current regulator;


    2), the input power line should be connected in the input terminal regulator, and according to the bus colors: Yellow / Green / red are respectively connected with the A/B/C phase; the output power line is served in the regulator output, and then bus colors: Yellow / Green / red are respectively connected with the a/b/c phase, zero line connected to a column connected to neutral zero "N", the chassis shell should be and the earth connection, grounding resistance should be less than 0.4M;


    3 or more), double cabinet cabinet structure regulator, bus between the cabinet must be in accordance with the color line connection, the other is according to the number of connections.

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